Advance Java

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  1. Java Networking :
    • Network Basics and Socket overview
    • TCP/IP client sockets
    • URL,
    • TCP/IP server sockets
    • Datagrams
    • package : Socket, ServerSocket, InetAddress, URL, URLConnection
  2. JDBC Programming :
    • The JDBC Connectivity Model
    • Database Programming: Connecting to the Database, Creating a SQL Query, Getting the Results, Updating Database Data, Error Checking and the SQLException Class, The SQLWarning Class, The Statement Interface, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, The ResultSet Interface, Updatable Result Sets, JDBC Types, Executing SQL Queries, ResultSetMetaData, Executing SQL Updates, Transaction Management.
  3. Servlet API and Overview :
    • Servlet Model: Overview of Servlet, Servlet Life Cycle, HTTP Methods Structure and Deployment descriptor
    • ServletContext and ServletConfig interface, Attributes in Servelt, Request Dispacher interface
    • The Filter API: Filter, FilterChain, Filter Config
    • Cookies and Session Management: Understanding state and session, Understanding Session Timeout and Session Tracking, URL Rewriting
  4. Java Server Pages :
    • JSP Overview : The Problem with Servlets, Life Cycle of JSP Page, JSP Processing, JSP Application Design with MVC, Setting Up the JSP Environment
    • JSP Directives, JSP Action, JSP Implicit Objects JSP Form Processing
    • JSP Session and Cookies Handling, JSP Session Tracking JSP Database Access
    • JSP Standard Tag Libraries, JSP Custom Tag
    • JSP Expression Language
    • JSP Exception Handling
    • JSP XML Processing.
  5. Java Server Faces :
    • Introduction to JSF
    • JSF request processing Life cycle
    • JSF Expression Language
    • JSF Standard Component
    • JSF Facelets Tag, JSF Convertor Tag, JSF Validation Tag, JSF Event Handling and Database Access
    • JSF Libraries: PrimeFaces
  6. Hibernate :
    • Overview of Hibernate
    • Hibernate Architecture
    • Hibernate Mapping Types
    • Hibernate O/R Mapping
    • Hibernate Annotation
    • Hibernate Query Language
  7. Java Web Frameworks :
    • Spring MVC Overview of Spring
    • Spring Architecture
    • Bean life cycle
    • XML Configuration on Spring
    • Aspect – oriented Spring
    • Managing Database, Managing Transaction


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